1. "Genazym Auction House" ("Genazym") acts as an extension from the sellers of the items offered for auction.

2. "Genazym" will produce a catalogue for every sale (the catalogue), which will include a list of items available at the sale, their serial numbers, a description and a starting price of the item. For the avoidance of doubt, information provided in the catalogue are intended solely for the purpose of information for potential buyers and are in no way to be construed as stand and/or obligation on behalf of "Genazym" and/or its employees and/or representatives.

3. The prices which appear on the list of items, are minimum prices and are not a valuation.

4. "Genazym" will appoint a person as manager of the sale ('the auctioneer') who will be responsible on its behalf for the execution and management of the auction.

5. The Auctioneer reserves the right to prevent participation in the auction of any person. The auctioneer reserves the right to determine the winner of each lot, to cancel the sale of any item (even after it's sold) or to re-enter it for sale, at his own discretion and at any stage whatsoever. The auctioneer also has the right to withdraw or add items to the sale and to add or withdraw from the catalogue any information about an item to be offered in the auction on the basis of information received by "Genazym" after publication of the catalogue.

6. Anyone wishing to participate in the auction must obtain a serial number through the system. This will be his identification number.

7. The system on the web allows to leave early proposals through the computerized catalog in those who registered in advance through the auction house and received a username and password. You can view, edit, and delete the proposals up to the commencement date of the sale.

8. Items are sold "as is" to the buyer, The Auctioneer is not responsible for the condition or nature of the item. Upon submission of a proposal or proposals prior to sale online at the time of the power purchaser hereby given up all buts about the quality or state of the item.

9. Information on originality and condition of each item, given by the auction house status as an extension of the seller, and is based on aggregate information and knowledge and experience of experts from the auction house. The buyer who wants to achieve against the information provided about the originality and/or condition of the item, is welcome to do so in writing within 30 days from the date of sale. If an error is proven to "Genazym" about the information provided about the item, payment will be returned to the buyer against return of the item. The buyer will not be allowed any claims and/or additional requirements for her. Beyond 30 days after the day of sale items cannot be argued.

10. The sale will be conducted in US dollars.

11. Item buyer of any kind, either for himself or for a person, is liable to pay for the items and take them. By The Auctioneer has the authority to take all measures it deems until the purchaser meets its obligations and in part also cancel sale, to sell the item to another, require the buyer expenses incurred by the Director of the sale, including interest and linkage, to file for compensation, to delay the release of the item and add the amount due to the expenses incurred.

12. The payment for the items will be accepted in cash, bank transfer or credit card.

13. The payment for the items and their release will be immediately after the sale, no later than 7 days after the sale. For the avoidance of doubt, the delivery of an item will only happen after the buyer completes all obligations to pay for, if not the winning drop the item, the sales manager may use all means at its disposal without prior notification to the winner.

14. "Genazym" reserves the right to inform verbally or in writing to the hours of sale, on changes in the above or adding different if there will be any.

15. The courts of Jerusalem, Israel, shall have the sole jurisdiction in any dispute between "Genazym" and the purchaser or any potential purchaser, based on the details of this agreement and/or related to the sale and/or to the transfer of any item.

16. In any case of doubt the Hebrew version of this Terms of Sale will be the binding document.