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Original Draft of “Sefer Birchas Peretz" Authored by the Steipler, Including Handwritten Leaves and Glosses...

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Original Draft of “Sefer Birchas Peretz" Authored by the Steipler, Including Handwritten Leaves and Glosses

Manuscript of sefer Birchas Peretz in preparation for print, with many handwritten additions by the Steipler. There are also many corrections, erasures and additions on these draft pages.

This manuscript includes 82 leaves in various sizes: 62 typewritten pages with handwritten additions and corrections plus 20 pages written entirely by the Steipler.

One of the pages contains an index of the sefer, handwritten by the Steipler.

Birchas Peretz is comprised of two parts: Part One contains explanations and treatises on the Torah; and Part Two contains gematriyos (numerical values) and various hints.

The Steipler was known for his incredible genius when it came to numerical values and a portion of this sefer was dedicated to these brilliant gematriyos, including gematriyos alluding to halachic rulings and aggadah.

Rabbi Yaakov Yisrael Kanievsky (1899-1985), known as “the Steipler, ” was a leading Torah figure of the last generation. His great holiness and piety were evident in all of his actions and he fled honor and glory. The Steipler attributed tremendous importance to the writing of his Torah novellae, most of which is published in sefer Kehillas Yaakov. He would immerse in the mikvah before writing his novellae and he used a special pen just for this purpose. The Steipler invested tremendous efforts to ensure that his words were clear and alluded to the Torah’s truth.The sefarim he authored were widely accepted throughout the Torah world.

82 leaves | Varying sizes (mostly folio size)