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Historic Document: "Hoda'ah Gluya" Signed by all Rabbinical Leaders of Tveria, 1910...

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Historic Document: “Hoda’ah Gluya” Signed by all Rabbinical Leaders of Tveria, 1910



Important historic certificate signed by forty-six rabbinical leaders of Tveria:
“It has been collectively agreed by us, rabbis and scholars of Tveria, that all sacred money which will be brought to the Holy from our brethren… the donations and charities and all the letters will come addressed to the current address…”
Rabbi Avraham Abuchatzeira was the son of the holy Kabbalist Rabbi Yaakov Abuchatzeira, known as the Abir Yaakov. He immigrated to Eretz Yisrael and settled in Tveria where he became a pillar of the Sephardi community there. He brought several of his father’s holy works to print including long and important introductions from him.
Rabbi Yichye Abuchatzeira was the only son of Rabbi Avraham. He served as one of the rabbis of Tveria and like his father, would study in seclusion in his home. His entire life was one of poverty and suffering. He was tragically murdered by an Arab stabber. Signatures by Rabbi Yichye are exceedingly rare.
Large leaf | 26 x 38 cm | Fine condition