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Rif: Autograph Chidushay Torah written by Rabbi Shlomo Eiger, Av Beis Din of...

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Rif: Autograph Chidushay Torah written by Rabbi Shlomo Eiger, Av Beis Din of Poznań

Hilchos Rabbi Alfas and the Ran on tractate Gittin in which Rabbi Shlomo Eiger wrote over
one hundred twenty novellae;(hagahot) eighty of which are long and full of  content.
Emulating his father, Rabbi Akiva Eiger zt”l, Rabbi Shlomo Eiger frequently notated remarks and novellae on the pages of his
sefarim. This present copy is a special print of the Rif with exceptionally wide margins, likely purchased by Rabbi Shlomo due
to these wide margins upon which he would inscribe his novellae.
 chidushim  of Rabbi Shlomo are well-known and well-regarded
among those who study Torah. Most of his Gilyonos  (hagahot ) on Talmud and Shulchan Aruch were published in the Vilna shas and lately by Oz VeHadar .
Rabbi Shlomo Eiger (1785 – 1852) was the beloved son of the famed Rabbi Akiva Eiger and succeeded him in the Poznań rabbinate. His nephew, the Ksav Sofer eulogized him saying: “…
On these I weep today, a double weeping for the father and his son… that until now it was as though he (Rabbi Akiva Eiger) had not died… and now we lost him and his son and it is as though they died together.”
140 – 203 leaves | 45 cm | Title page provided in facsimile | New leather binding  | Fine condition