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Letter from Rabbi Yisrael Perlow, the "Yenuka" of Stolin, 1909...

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Letter from Rabbi Yisrael Perlow, the “Yenuka” of Stolin, 1909



Signed letter from Rabbi Yisrael Perlow written on his personal stationary. The majority of the letter consists of well wishes and words of blessing.
Rabbi Yisrael Perlow
(1868 – 1921) was the son of Rabbi Asher of Stolin, grandson of the Rabbi Aharon, author of Beis Aharon. His father remarked that,
“such a soul ascends to this world once in five hundred years,” referring to Rabbi Yisrael. His holy grandfather said as well that
“this boy will surpass us both,” referring to himself and Rabbi Asher.
Due to their high regard for him, at the young age of four and a half, he was appointed Admor of Stolin following his father’s passing. A mentor was selected to guide him and he was thus referred to by all as the ”
yenuka” (youngster). Following his marriage, he led his Chassidim with exceptional wisdom, growing his following. He was renowned as a tremendous scholar and brilliant Kabbalist.
21 x 13 cm | Personal stationary | Minor tears not affecting text