Lot 38:

Holy Handwritten Letter from the Beis Aharon of Karlin Replete with Blessings...

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Holy Handwritten Letter from the Beis Aharon of Karlin Replete with Blessings



“I have come in this letter with words that come from my heart, to bless them with a threefold blessing: children, life and livelihood. And may Hashem command the blessing in their storehouses and in there livelihood… a blessing from the source of all blessings… and may He bless you… without limit… (signed) With love and affection, the humble Aharon son of Rabbi Asher…”
Emotional, handwritten and signed letter from Rabbi Aharon of Karlin, addressed to his followers living in the city of Abrutash.
Written in the final year of his life, Rabbi Aharon apologizes that he could not pay their city a
“face to face visit,” and requests:
“Perhaps Hashem will help in these days and years that thank G-d I have reached… Hashem will lengthen our days and years among klal yisrael, so that I should be able to be in my home in peace and rest and quiet.
Rabbi Aharon writes that he reached “old age,” referring to the age of seventy. It is known that the righteous leaders of his time attested that his soul emanated from the soul of King David. He passed away that year just as King David lived for seventy years.
Rabbi Aharon of Karlin
(1802 – 1872) was the son of Rabbi Asher of Stolin, son of the first Rabbi Aharon of Karlin. He was appointed Admor at the young age of twenty-five and led his flock for the duration of forty-five years, during which time the Chassidus reached its peak. After becoming known as a
baal ruach haKodesh, thousands flocked to receive blessing and learn Torah from him. His prayers were known to pierce heavens with their intense excitement and emotion. His Torah novellae were published in the
sefer Beis Aharon.
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1 leaf | 21 x 26 cm | Small left-hand tear with two letters missing, creased | Exceptionally rare