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Letter from Rabbi Shmuel Rosenberg, Famed Rosh Yeshiva of Unsdorf, 1894 ...

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Letter from Rabbi Shmuel Rosenberg, Famed Rosh Yeshiva of Unsdorf, 1894

Handwritten letter from Rabbi Shmuel Rosenberg of Unsdorf, author of Be’er Shmuel.
In his letter, he asks Rabbi Akiva Yosef Schlezinger to pray for him
“in a holy place on the Holy Days,” for healing of both his body and soul. He also blesses him with longevity.
Dated September 24, 1894, the letter is completely handwritten by him. He signs using his and his mother’s names: Shmuel
ben Leah Tzivia.
Rabbi Shmuel attested that a soul such as his mother’s descends to our world only once in a thousand years. 

his mother learned eighteen chapters of Mishna every day and knew many chapters by heart. On Shabbos, she would study from Sidduro Shel Shabbos and Chovos Halevavos, and gave several Talmudic explanations. It is told that she even wore
Rabbi Shmuel Rosenberg
(1842 – 1919) served as rabbi of Unsdorf for thirty-five years. Thousands of pupils emanated from his yeshiva, many of whom went on to become great rabbis,
roshei yeshivos and teachers. He was known by all as a tremendous miracle-worker and
baal ruach haKodesh. People flocked to him from all over and countless stories were recounted of miracles he brought about.
17 x 21 cm | Exceptionally important