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Classic: First Edition Drush V'Chiddush by Rabbi Akiva Eiger, 1839 ...

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Classic: First Edition Drush V’Chiddush by Rabbi Akiva Eiger, 1839

Sefer Drush V’Chiddush including novellae on Talmud as well as questions and responsa by the illustrious Rabbi Akiva Eiger, Av Beis Din of Poznań.
This first edition was published in Warsaw, 1839, by his sons, Rabbi Avraham and Rabbi Shlomo. The
sefer includes an important introduction from them, significant towards understanding Rabbi Akiva’s method of learning; a method which forever left its imprint upon the Torah world.
Owner’s inscription attributes ownership to Rabbi Yitzchak Eliezer Fried, rabbi and Rosh Yeshiva of Volozhin.
44: 38: 13 leaves | 33 cm | Water stains, holes on final pages | Original binding with impressive new back