Stroll thru the pages of our history
Connect with your own glorious past
Finger those moments of grandeur…

Open the treasure chest of Jewish history, partake in preserving the long chain of continuity by treating yourself to a piece of history.

Over the past thirty years, Genazym has been researching, amassing, and accumulating Jewish history to preserve our magnificent past and share the rich heritage of our nation with others. Genazym invites you to unlock the legacy of bygone generations and link yourself with your long-gone past.

Genazym’s forte is the ability to locate rare historical objects by tracing the authenticity and credibility of each item. We have presented Klal Yisrael with unique manuscripts from Gedolei Yisrael, Admorim, and renowned personalities from our prolific past. We have uncovered famous first print seforim and located extinct editions of almost vanished pieces of history.

The Genazym auction house is a treasure trove of Jewish history dating back to ancient times. We offer you the chance to own your own historical collection of manuscripts from Rabbonim, Admorim, and Gedolei Ha’Dor.

As the leading auction-house for private individuals and institutions, Genazym, we pride ourselves in making our heritage accessible to all and invite you to own your own inheritance.

Together with the Genazym professional team, I am available to answer your questions, queries, request for evaluation of items, and any other matters within our expertise. You can also contact me for information regarding future auctions.

Moshe Stefansky
CEO Genazym